Here is a compilation of eight things I do/don’t miss when there is no hockey being played. None of these things have anything to do with the actual game, like the awesome saves, goals, hits and rivalries, because that is a given. This is a list of the other things we have grown to love or hate.

8. Crosby vs. Ovechkin

Okay I actually don’t really miss having the same two people constantly shoved down my throat by the NHL marketing machine. But I do miss all of the Sidney Crosby Haters vs. Alex Ovechkin Haters going at it. It’s just not the same on Twitter in the off-season as it is during the season. Of course neither camp really brings anything new to the table. It’s always the same, Ovechkin has never won anything important and Cindy Crosby is a whiner and a diver.

7. ESPN’s Hockey Coverage

Who am I kidding? ESPN’s coverage is just as nonexistent during the season as it is in the off-season. If they had to pick between airing “The Decision” or Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I think we sadly know which one they would pick. I remember when they used to have hockey doubleheaders on ESPN when I was a teenager. No, don’t sit there and try and figure out my age.

6. NBC’s NHL Coverage

Unlike ESPN at least NBC is trying, unfortunately it doesn’t always go well. Whether it’s missing goals to run promos, explaining basic rules or rotating the same seven teams into the “Game of the Week”, sometimes I just wished I could get CBC or TSN more easily than having to move near the Canadian/US border. Sure there’s online feeds but those aren’t always the best, reliable or in HD.

5. The Rink Experience

There is nothing like the NHL rink experience. It’s one of my favorite places to be and let’s face it there is nothing like experiencing an NHL game live. There are a few things I could do without though. For starters the outrageous prices of food and beverages. Although any rink/amusement place has those prices, not just an NHL rink, nine dollars for a bean and cheese burrito is a bit much. There’s that obnoxious fan you might have to sit next to, which is even worse if they are rooting for the other team. Also there’s something about being in a cold place that really makes me need to go to the restroom, a lot. I hate to go during the game, so I have to patiently wait until intermission to bolt out and beat the rush.

4. Cities That Believe They Can Win It All, But Never Do

You know which cities I am talking about. Cities like Vancouver, Philadelphia, and San Jose to name a few. They have teams that are pretty decent and generally make a long postseason run but they can just never put it all together. Some of them even plan Stanley Cup routes in advance. (See Canucks, Vancouver) I suppose it could be a lot worse though…

3. Don Cherry’s Suits

While I don’t see his suits as often as I would like to, you can’t help but not be interested in what he will wear next. All of his suits are custom made, a lot of the time from drapes. If the suits don’t do it for you, then you can always look forward to whatever will come out of his mouth next.

2. Being Disrespected as a Hockey Fan

Hockey, especially in the South, is still somewhat of a niche thing. I will admit the niche is certainly getting bigger. But there’s nothing like people making fun of you for watching hockey. My all time favorite quote was “Hockey? Do you watch the WNBA?” Of course! because the WNBA is JUST as exciting as the NHL.

1. The Opposite Hockey Sex

If you are a male fan

if you are a female fan (so I’m told)

I rest my case

Alex Mueller

Author: Alex Mueller

Alex Mueller graduated from Temple University with a minor in journalism over a decade ago. He’s been writing about NHL hockey, on and off, since the Fall of 2009. He’s written for Pucking Awesome, the Checking Line and now Hockey Recaps. He played goalie at San Diego Ice Arena. His first novel, Bobby Sterling vs Truth, is available on Amazon now.

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Here is a compilation of eight things I do/don't miss when there is no hockey being played. None of these things have anything to do with the actual game, like the awesome saves, goals, hits and rivalries, because that is a given. This is a list of the other...