The big news this week was that Connor McDavid will be out for awhile after breaking his collarbone. Original diagnosis was months but now it’s the more optimistic 2 to 3 months. Funny how that usually works out. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back playing for the Oilers in January. Of course at that point it’ll be too later for the Oilers. They had a chance at the 8th seed with him but I don’t think they can get it now. But it’s for the best really, as this will net them a high draft pick.
The other relative big news is that the Anaheim Ducks are finally winning so much so that they have a four game winning streak. Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf are finally doing things and all is well. But in reality, all is not well. They had the perfect opportunity to finally get rid of their coach and they didn’t do it. Don’t tell me I didn’t tell you so when they have another disappointing playoff loss. Only difference will be it probably won’t be at home. But rest assured, they aren’t winning the Stanley Cup and it will be because of bad coaching.

Things I like

1. I’m starting to wonder just how many points the duo of Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn can rack up. Both were (see below) one and two in scoring with 23 and 21 points, respectively, in 15 games. Both are on pace of over 110 points. Last time we had such a prolific duo on the same team was in 2008-09 when Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin were 1 and 3 respectively. There were are few others that were close but they weren’t that high. But what happened at the end of the 2008-09 season? The Penguins won the Stanley Cup. Will the Dallas Stars win the Stanley Cup this season? It remains to be seen but they do have the second best record in the NHL.
2. Speaking of the Penguins, they had won six in a row and are turning around their season. Sidney Crosby is sort of getting back on track having produced points in three of his last five games. Malkin and Kessel are still leading the Penguins in points but it’s mostly a scoring by committee approach which will be better in the long run for them. Once Crosby really gets it going, the Penguins might be scary to stop. But then the lose to the Flames, and Crosby does nothing, so it’s hard to tell sometimes.
3. Fresh of his acquittal in his high profile rape case, Patrick Kane is on pace for his best season ever. He wass 3rd in scoring, behind the Dallas dynamic duo above, with 19 points and 3rd in goals with 9. He also leads the team in +/- with 11 by a wide margin. But he just had a four point night against the Oilers to catapult him to 1st with 23 points. Unfortunately, the Blackhawks find themselves near the bottom of a tough Central division. Marian Hossa is also struggling with just four points so far. But Russian Artemi Panarin is 2nd in the team in scoring in his rookie season and he just picked up three points against the Oilers as well.
4. There’s a couple of goalies making the most o their starts so far this season. Jake Allen has seemingly wrested away the number one goalie job from Brian Elliott. He has a .945 SV%, a 1.71 GAA and 2 shutouts for the Blues. Allen was pegged as the goalie of the future and he is living up to it so far. Michael Neuvirth has expelled the struggling Steve Mason and has put up similar numbers for the Flyers. He leads the league in shutouts with 3 and also has a .945 SV% with a 1.81 GAA. Good to see him getting another chance after stints with the Capitals and Sabres.

Things I don’t

1. It’s still a little early but I never thought I’d write this, I’m a little worried about the Tampa Bay Lightning. With Montreal running away with the division and the Atlantic being tougher than expected, the Lightning might have to really scrap it out for a playoff spot. Ottawa has leapfrogged them, Detroit is starting to gel and Boston is doing better than expected. For the most part they are doing well but the seem to be on the losing end of a lot of games by one goal. They lost to Boston and Detroit, two division rivals, and then to Colorado of all teams. The still have one of the deepest teams though with 10 players with at least six points a piece.
2. I’m not sure I understand why Jarome Iginla is on the Colorado Avalanche. He left the Flames because he didn’t want to go through a rebuild and wanted to win a Stanley Cup, which makes sense. He joined the Penguins which made sense at that time. When they didn’t win it, he jumped to the Bruins which made sense at the time. They didn’t win it so he jumped to the Colorado Avalanche. Which was a bit of a stretch but it sort of made sense because he probably thought they would be the next big thing like Marian Hossa thought when he jumped to the Chicago Blackhawks a few years ago. The problem is after one whole season and almost a quarter of this season, it’s pretty apparent the Avalanche are going nowhere fast. So why is he still there? Might as well just go back to Calgary.

Fights of the Week

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Nick Foligno vs Kyle Clifford
Kind of one-sided but not many times you see someone knock someone else out.

Shawn Thornton vs Micheal Haley
Decent mostly back and forth scrap.

Goat of the Week

Daniel Sedin – Vancouver Canucks
Although it’s clipped a bit in the clip below, Sedin turns it over near the blueline and the Sabres eventually score the game winning goal, with seconds left, in Ryan Miller’s return to Buffalo.

Stat Line of the Week

11/03/15 Dallas 5 vs. Boston 3








T. Seguin







There’s nothing like revenge games. Seguin opened the scoring against his former team in Boston and then added two more powerplay goals for a hat trick. He said it’s no longer personal but you know it always will be. And yes I’ll say it again, you think the Bruins regret trading Seguin?

Numbers, Numbers

0 – Home wins for the Blue Jackets, yes that’s just sad
300 – Career goals for Henrik Zetterberg
12 – Plus/minus for Dylan Larkin, tops in the NHL which is significant because there are no other Red Wings in the Top 50. That rarely ever happens.
68.1 – Percentage of the Bruins penalty killing, worst in the NHL and quite abysmal
1 – Claim by Jordin Tootoo that Alexandre Burrows disparaged his personal life and family. Since it’s Burrows, I wouldn’t be surprised.


The rankings are based on how the teams are currently playing.
Top 5
1. NY Rangers
2. Dallas
3. Washington
4. Los Angeles
5. Pittsburgh
Bottom 5
30. Florida
29. Toronto
28. Colorado
27. San Jose
26. Arizona

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The big news this week was that Connor McDavid will be out for awhile after breaking his collarbone. Original diagnosis was months but now it's the more optimistic 2 to 3 months. Funny how that usually works out. I wouldn't be surprised to see him back playing for the...