About the Column

In 2009 these columns started off as Between the Pipes over on the site Pucking Awesome. As of 2013, after a brief hiatus, I am again recapping NHL action with my sense of style.
The original idea of the column was born from the fact that I didn’t like reading any of the current hockey columns online. I prefer the little snippets around the whole league style like Peter King does for the NFL in his Monday Morning Quarterback column. Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, I came up with this column. Every Sunday Night/Monday Morning I will post a new column recapping the past weeks NHL action. When playoffs come around I breakdown each series and also recap them. Playoff postings are NOT every Monday. They are whenever it makes sense according to the series schedules. At the end of the whole thing I do a season recap and a video, if I have time. Sometimes there will be other things but that just depends on time and other things beyond my control. The interview I did with Michael McKinley was fun and I hope to do more in the future.

About the Author

Alex Mueller Stanley CupAlex Mueller graduated from Temple University with a minor in journalism over a decade ago. He’s been writing about NHL hockey, on and off, since the Fall of 2009. He’s written for Pucking Awesome, the Checking Line and now Hockey Recaps. He currently plays goalie in ice hockey at San Diego Ice Arena.