Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. NHL fans were treated with lots of overtime and shootout games this holiday weekend. Friday tied an NHL record for most overtime or shootout games with eight. And of course there was NBC’s Thanksgiving Showdown on Black Friday. Featuring the Montreal Canadiens vs the Tampa Bay Lightning. I kid, I kid. Instead it was the Boston Bruins vs the New York Rangers. Two teams you might know from previous Thanksgiving Showdowns, Winter Classics, Wednesday Night Rivalries and the NBC game of the week, or whatever the Sunday game is called. I think you get the idea. Nothing like going to the well a few times.
At any rate, the game was good and close. There were a few questionable goalie interference calls. One that was called against the Bruins and one that was not. To me these are so ridiculous. It’s like pass interference in football. It’s basically a judgment call or based on whichever players do the best acting job. More on what to do with that below. The Rangers played better in the game but were unable to capitalize. The Bruins staged a comeback in the 3rd where they scored two goals in the final four minutes. The game winning goal was scored by David Krejci after a not so great clearing attempt by Marc Staal. Despite featuring these two teams dozens of times, the match-up was great with a lot of drama with the added bonus of the war of words between the two coaches. Including if you would rather have Henrik Lundqvist or Brad Marchand as a son. Can’t we all just get along?

Things I like

1. I’ve said that I preferred a 4 on 4 overtime and then a 3 on 3 overtime, just because it makes the game closer to an actual 5 on 5 game, but I will admit 3 on 3 is a great to watch. I just wish it was a little longer because that would increase the likelihood that we’d avoid the shootout, since that is the point of it after all. With the three overtimes on Wednesday and the eight on Friday, there was plenty of 3 on 3 action to watch. It reminds me of a game of NBA jam, of course that was a video game but you should get the idea. This week featured both my Conference Final and Stanley Cup Finals picks against each other. My picks for the Stanley Cup finals, Lightning vs Kings, had their own overtime on Wednesday. There was never a dull moment in that one. Unfortunately, it went to the shootout where the Lightning won. The Kings and Blackhawks played where the Blackhawks jumped out to a two goal lead only for the Kings to send it to overtime. The Kings won it after another fantastic overtime. More on the game below. The Islanders faced the Lightning as well, only that game didn’t go into overtime. After a close 3rd period, John Tavares poked in a juicy rebound to win the game for the Islanders. If my picks hold true, we will be in for a treat come playoff time.
2. The Panthers and the Islanders went to a shutout that lasted five rounds. The interesting thing was that nine of the ten shooters scored. The first three goals all went five hole against Jaroslav Halak. Two went five hole against Roberto Luongo, who didn’t even bother to try and stop one. I know sometimes you know when you’re beat but you can still dropdown after the fact. The only one that missed was the last Islanders to take a shot, Brock Nelson. Although I’m not a huge fan of the shootout, this one was highly entertaining to watch and there were some great moves by the shooters.
3. The Dallas Stars are having quite a season so far. One thing they haven’t done yet though, is lose back to back games yet. That streak was in jeopardy against the Minnesota Wild. But Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn wouldn’t let that happen. Down 0-3 in the 3rd period, the Wild scored three unanswered and then it was Benn to Seguin in overtime. This was a big win for the Stars. It showed a lot of character for a mostly young team that continues to gel. I’m eagerly awaiting the Blackhawks playoff match-up.

Things I don’t

1. The breaking up of the almost fight between Ryan Kesler and Jonathan Toews. I’m pretty sure the refs know they can’t have golden boy Toews, winner of three Stanley Cups and multiple gold medals for Canada, getting in a fight but man wouldn’t that have been something. (They also refused to let Evgeni Malkin fight Jack Johnson this week) The added bonus is the years of hatred between the two stemming back from Kesler’s days in Vancouver. As for the game the Ducks choked again. Up 2-0 in the 3rd period with the Blackhawks not playing well, you figured they could win the game. But alas, the Blackhawks prevailed like they always do. The only thing that was different was Johnathan Toews wasn’t involved with any of it. The Blackhawks scored two in the final two minutes of the 3rd and then the game winner in the first two minutes of overtime. As for the Ducks, well they got a point but I think the wheels fell off the bus. After they miss the playoffs, they will finally fire their coach and hopefully their GM. But if they rehire Randy Carlyle, then they really don’t get it. On the positive side, John Gibson will be a stud in goal in a few more years for the Ducks.
2. Related to the questionable interference calls above, I think they should install a new refereeing system. I get that the plays happen really fast and based on the speed and the angle you happen to be viewing it, certain plays can look very different. I also get that you don’t want to stop the game every time and watch a replay. What the should have is a ref in the control room that watches the game from multiple angles. After a questionable play happens, he can then re-watch the play from multiple angles at once. If he comes to a different conclusion, he should be able to buzz down and overrule the on ice official. This shouldn’t add any additional time beyond the regular stoppage time. This would ensure the proper calls would be made. Case in point, I can’t remember the game anymore, there was an interference or checking penalty called when in reality the player that drew the penalty just skated into the net and fell. That’s the kind of stuff that needs to be eliminated.
3. Brandon Dubinsky breaks his stick over Sidney Crosby’s head, precedes to crosshcheck him when he’s down and then kicks him for good measure. All the way no Penguins players rush over to do anything. Dubinsky received two minutes for that. He did receive a one game suspension later but it’s more ridiculous that not a single Penguin seemed to care. Of course John Tortorella thinks the Penguins whine enough for the whole league. But I think he’s a clueless, classless coach so to each his own.

Fights of the Week

Special thanks to hockeyfights.com for making this section a little easier to do.
There were a lot more fights this week and more decent ones as well. But I just picked two.
Brandon Bollig vs Chris Stewart
A long decent fight with a lot of punches that connected.

Anthony Peluso vs Kurtis Gabriel
If you like tall, lumbering guys throwing punches that mostly miss, this is the fight for you.

Goat of the Week

Brent Seabrook – Chicago Blackhawks
For once, things didn’t go the Blackhawks way. Sure handed Seabrook over-thought what he was going to do with the puck and turned it over, which Anze Kopitar capitalized on by passing to Marian Gaborik. The Blackhawks lost in overtime by a goal by, guess who, Gaborik.

Stat Line of the Week

11/28/15 Arizona 4 vs. Ottawa 3








M. Boedker







Mikkel Boedker has nine goals this season. Six of them have come against the Senators in the form of two hat tricks. He netted his second hat trick against them Saturday night. He’s on track for a career high in goals for a season but since he isn’t playing the Senators again, that might not happen.

Numbers, Numbers

19 – Game point streak for Patrick Kane, longest by an American
300 – Career goals by Pavel Datsyuk
8 – Goals by Justin Faulk, which is the same amount of powerplay goals he also has. I wonder how many he would have if he wasn’t on the powerplay?
.889 – SV% of Cam Talbot dead last in the NHL, proving once again that Edmonton is where goalies go to die
3-6-2 – Oilers record without Connor Mcdavid who will be back in January


The rankings are based on how the teams are currently playing.
Top 5
1. Boston
2. Dallas
3. Washington
4. San Jose
5. Los Angeles
Bottom 5
30. Winnipeg
29. Carolina
28. Calgary
27. Edmonton
26. Anaheim

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. NHL fans were treated with lots of overtime and shootout games this holiday weekend. Friday tied an NHL record for most overtime or shootout games with eight. And of course there was NBC's Thanksgiving Showdown on Black Friday. Featuring the Montreal Canadiens vs the Tampa...