The Stadium Series part 1 was played over the weekend featuring the Chicago Blackhawks at the Minnesota Wild. Unfortunately, the Blackhawks didn’t get the memo. Probably hung over from their White House celebration, they laid a major egg in their 6-1 loss. The outdoor games aren’t compelling to watch when they aren’t close. After the Canadiens and Bruins Winter Classic debacle, NBC and the NHL really need a strong outdoor game but they are now 0-2. The only other outdoor game is the Red Wings at the Avalanche next week. I’m assuming that game will be better but one can never know.
The elements needed for a good outdoor game are: good teams, a close game and some snow falling. Most of the games featured good teams or close rivals. You can never know if the game will be close or if it will snow. They had been lucky with almost all of the televised games being close and a few of them receiving snow. Just lately, luck has not been on their side. I’m still in favor of every team having one home outdoor game. Some people think that’s too much but I don’t. I think its something everyone would mark on their calendars and it would increase revenue. Not all of them should be televised however, just about a dozen or so.
The real winner in this game is the freight train that has become the Minnesota Wild. After losing 13 of their last 14 games and knocking themselves out of playoff contention, the Wild axed their coach. John Torchetti has taken over the Wild and guided them to four straight wins. But it’s not that they are winning. It’s that they are generally winning big and scoring goals. 21 goals in four games is pretty good. Now they might be able to sneak into the playoffs as they are in a near tie with the Colorado Avalanche and Nashville Predators. Because let’s face it, it wouldn’t be a playoffs without the Wild losing to the Blackhawks.

Things I like

1. The NHL denying the appeal of Dennis Wideman’s appeal for his ridiculous hit on now concussed lineman Dennis Wideman. The fact that the NHLPA even want to appeal it is a joke. Although that is what they do. Even when the players do the most outrageous things, they still go and try and appeal them. Don’t like Brian Burke and others getting in an uproar because Gary Bettman took to long to make a decision. He was probably trying to get the text message that proved that Wideman’s apology wasn’t sincere. Now, the amount of games that have been wasted during this process should count towards his twenty game ban. I realize they don’t do it that way but they should. This is also one of the reasons Burke is annoyed and I get that. They should just adjust the rule.
2. Jaromir Jagr at the age of 44 is still getting it done. He just passed Brett Hull for 3rd all time on the NHL goal scoring list. The only names above him now are Wayne Gretzky and Gordie Howe. That’s some good company right there but he won’t be able to pass either one of them. He now has over 20 goals this season, a milestone he has achieved 19 other times in his career. In fact, he only hasn’t score at least 20 goals in only three seasons. And two of those he had 19 goals. He’s just a little bit under a point per game pace this season. A truly remarkable season in what will, more than likely, be the last in his legendary career.

Things I don’t

1. Apparently things aren’t going smoothly for the Islanders in Barclays center. So much so that they want to leave. Problem is, they have nowhere to go. I’m not sure why they can’t share Madison Square Garden with the Rangers. Obviously, not ideal but the Jets and Giants do it so why can’t the Islanders and Rangers? The other thing they can do is just relocate. New York City doesn’t need three hockey teams, in the area, when plenty of regions have none (Hello Seattle). Of course all of those places would need to build a rink for them as well. Even when things seems like they are improving, it still seems like the Islanders are just always cursed.
2. Why Artemi Panarin is even in the Calder Trophy discussion. He’s not a rookie. He’s 24 and he’s play over 300 games in the KHL already. The rules state: A player can not have played in more than six games in each of two separate preceding seasons in any major professional league. This is why Wayne Gretzky was not eligible. He already played for the WHA. Unless the NHL isn’t recognizing the KHL as a professional league which would be petty and crass. It’s the second biggest professional league in the world. He shouldn’t be eligible. But more on his season below.

Fights of the Week

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Antoine Roussel vs Shea Weber
A pretty decent fight Weber doesn’t fight very much but he did a good job here.

Adam McQuaid vs Antoine Roussel
A decent short fight with a few that landed.

Goat of the Week

Filip Forsberg – Nashville Predators
The Predators make a bad line change in overtime which is compounded by Forsberg falling down, oops. This led to an odd man advantage that the Stars capitalized on for the game winner.

Stat Line of the Week

2/17/16 Chicago 5 vs. NY Rangers 3








A. Panarin







In his “rookie” season Artemi Panarin recorded his first NHL hat trick. I was trying to see how many he had in the KHL but I was unable to find it. Panarin is the first rookie to have a hat trick as a Blackhawk since Tyler Arnason in 2002. I’ll be honest, I have no idea who that is. But after looking him up, he didn’t have a very long NHL career. Panarin’s third goal was an empty net goal but it still counts. His first two were powerplay goals. Panarin is just under a point per game pace. Speaking of rookies…

Connor McDavid Calder Watch

McDavid had three points in his three games this week. Not bad but not enough to get him closer to Calder contention. He’s 8th in rookie scoring now and he’s the only over a point per game pace. The Oilers have 22 games left. At his current pace, he’d probably end up with 50 points. That should land him in the top 5 for rookie scoring.

Numbers, Numbers

15 – Game point streak by Shayne Gostisbehere, a rookie defenseman record, he had the overtime winner in his last game against the Maple Leafs
5 – Shutouts for Jake Allen in only 33 games played, impressive
4 – Shutouts for John Gibson in only 26 games played, even more impressive
1 – Player only on pace for over 100 points this season, Patrick Kane. So much for my prediction of multiple players doing it.
1463 – Shots on goals for the Devils last in the NHL, almost 500 shots less than the Stars who are 1st in the NHL
300 – Career goals for Steven Stamkos, who will surely be on a new team next year


The rankings are based on how the teams are currently playing.
Top 5
1. Anaheim
2. St. Louis
3. Washington
4. Chicago
5. Tampa Bay
Bottom 5
30. Vancouver
29. Edmonton
28. Toronto
27. Detroit
26. New Jersey

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The Stadium Series part 1 was played over the weekend featuring the Chicago Blackhawks at the Minnesota Wild. Unfortunately, the Blackhawks didn't get the memo. Probably hung over from their White House celebration, they laid a major egg in their 6-1 loss. The outdoor games aren't compelling to watch...