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NHL 2020-21 Recap Week 9 – Sabres fire coach, Mika Zibanejad and Avalanche Hot, playoff races tighten

The Sabres fired their coach Ralph Krueger after losing twelve straight games. Predictability, they lost their thirteenth game anyway because it’s hard to win when you don’t possess any...
Weekly Recaps

NHL 2020-21 Recap Week 8 – NHL back on ESPN, Hurricanes and Islanders hot

The big NHL news this week was the return to ESPN for the first time since 2004. It's incredible how much has changed since then.
Weekly Recaps

NHL 2020-21 Recap Week 7 – Fired Flames Coach, Angry Inept Sabres, Jerky Tom Wilson

Another week, another NHL head coach has been fired. This time after a big 7-3 win against the Ottawa Senators. Apparently, playing the Ottawa Senators will lead to your...
Weekly Recaps

NHL 2020-21 Recap Week 6 – Claude Julien is fired, Minnesota Wild are hot, Rittich’s bad day, Knyzhov’s bloody head

In a head-scratching move, Claude Julien was fired as coach of the Montreal Canadiens. Coaching the hottest team to start the season doesn't get you very far in a...
Weekly Recaps

NHL 2020-21 Recap Week 5 – NHL Outdoors at Lake Tahoe, The Auston Matthews and Connor McDavid Show

When COVID hit, there wasn't any reason for the NHL to have their stadium series games. They decided to get creative and have the games in Lake Tahoe. Despite...
Weekly Recaps

NHL 2020-21 Recap Week 4 – Laine benched, Bruins Rangers overtime beauty, Fleury hot, Kings playing like it’s 2014

Patrik Laine began his Columbus Blue Jackets career the same way the guy he replaced ended his, with a benching. Only Laine said he deserved this one.
Weekly Recaps

NHL 2020-21 Recap Week 3 – Atlantic Division teams excel, COVID spreading, scrappy Blackhawks

A few weeks into the season, the most interesting thing to me is the top three teams are the Boston Bruins, Tampa Bay Lightning, and Toronto Maple Leafs. These...
Weekly Recaps

NHL 2020-21 Recap Week 2 – Patrick Laine trade fallout, Tony DeAngelo waived, Stars have great odds

When Patrik Laine wanted out of a team that recently made the conference finals and seemed to disrespect his all-star teammate as not good enough, it didn’t add up....
Weekly Recaps

NHL 2020-21 Recap Week 1 – Pierre-Luc Dubois and Patrick Laine trade, Canadiens and Devils hot, Evander Kane bankruptcy

Pierre-Luc Dubois wanted out of Columbus. I can't say I blame him, and he's entitled to play where he wants. General managers shouldn't have the only say. It is...
Season Previews

2020-21 NHL Season Preview

Should we even have a 2021 NHL season? I don't think so. I love hockey, but I wouldn't mind waiting until the fall to watch again. This division only...