Playoff Previews

2020-21 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs – First Round Preview

Here were go with the NHL COVID playoffs year two. While the division-only format didn't lead to a great regular season, it does lead to some highly compelling possible...
Weekly Recaps

NHL 2020-21 Recap Week 16 – Thug Tom Wilson, Connor McDavid 100 Points, Rangers firings

Tom Wilson is a thug and needs to be banned from the NHL. I said something similar the last time he was suspended. His latest incident was worse, but...
Weekly Recaps

NHL 2020-21 Recap Week 15 – Connor McDavid’s stellar season, Cole Caufield scores, Final playoff jockeying

We are into the final weeks of the COVID shorten NHL season, and there are only six playoff spots up for grabs. The three left in the North are...
Weekly Recaps

NHL 2020-21 Recap Week 14 – Kirill Kaprizov Calderworthy, Blue Jackets tumble, West hot, Devils Penguins wild game

The New Jersey Devils and Pittsburgh Penguins played a wild game on Tuesday night. The Penguins jumped out to a 6-0 lead, and you thought, game over. But not...
Weekly Recaps

NHL 2020-21 Recap Week 13 – NHL trades, Stars heating up, Canucks return, No end season drama

By now, everyone knows about all the NHL trades. The three major ones were Taylor Hall to the Boston Bruins, Jeff Carter to the Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Columbus...
Weekly Recaps

NHL 2020-21 Recap Week 12 – Jack Campbell breaks records, Islanders load up, West division is a mess

Let's talk about the worst division in the NHL, the West. Before the season started, I said this division looks awful. Don't get me wrong. It has arguably two...
Weekly Recaps

NHL 2020-21 Recap Week 11 – Carter Hart returns, Nashville Predators hot, Mathew Barzal’s big day

The Buffalo Sabres finally won a game. Hooray! They still stink. They'll have to settle for a tie of the longest losing steak in NHL history at 18. The...
Weekly Recaps

NHL 2020-21 Recap Week 10 – Peel fired, Sabres still suck, Zibanejad still hot, McDavid and Matthews show off

The big news this week was the firing of referee Tim Peel for calling a weak tripping penalty against the Nashville Predators. A horrified NHL acted swiftly to protect...
Weekly Recaps

NHL 2020-21 Recap Week 9 – Sabres fire coach, Mika Zibanejad and Avalanche Hot, playoff races tighten

The Sabres fired their coach Ralph Krueger after losing twelve straight games. Predictability, they lost their thirteenth game anyway because it’s hard to win when you don’t possess any...
Weekly Recaps

NHL 2020-21 Recap Week 8 – NHL back on ESPN, Hurricanes and Islanders hot

The big NHL news this week was the return to ESPN for the first time since 2004. It's incredible how much has changed since then.